A not uncommon complaint among men is that after finishing voiding, upon
replacement of the penis in the pants and underwear, that a small amount
of leakage occurs.  These few drops of urine known as "post-void
dribbling" are rarely a sign of significant problems and are almost never
addressed with medicine or surgery.

Behavior techniques associated with the end of voiding can often correct
bad habits which lead to post-voiding dribbling.  In general, the bad habits
consist of urinating through a penis that has been drawn through
underwear and an open zipper, rushing the termination of voiding and
straining at the end.

Voiding should be performed through a penis that is not encumbered by
clothing compressing and/or distorting the penis as it hangs off the body.  
Many times if the penis is drawn through tight fitting clothing, the urethra
takes on a compressed "U" shaped tube where urine will pool at the end of
voiding, to be released  when the penis is replaced in the pants and
underwear assuming a more dependent position.  The trapped urine, held
behind the compression of the zipper of the pants and fly of the underwear
rolls out of the penis by gravity.  To avoid this problem, whenever possible,
pull down both pants and underwear, or at minimum, make sure that the
penis is unencumbered by clothing during the act of voiding.

When the urinary stream comes to a natural end, avoid straining to push
the urine out of the bladder.  As humans we develop a natural reflex that
tightens the sphincter when we strain.  This allows us to remain dry when
we pick up heavy objects, cough, laugh or sneeze.  When one strains in an
attempt to empty the bladder, the urinary sphincters close, acting against
our goal of an empty bladder.  Once the straining is stopped and the penis
is returned to the pants, the relaxation that occurs in the sphincter can
sometimes allow a small amount of urine to dribble out.  To avoid this
problem at the end of voiding, relax and make a conscious effort to soften
the muscles of the pelvis and lower abdomen.  This act of relaxation will
translate into preventing a tightening of the sphincter.

At the end of voiding, avoid rushing to reinsert the penis and exit the
bathroom.  Take your time once the urinary flow is completed.  Take a
deep breath, exhale and let the penis assume a dependent position, do not
hurry the end of voiding, as this will subconsciously trigger closure of the
urinary sphincter, perhaps in a premature fashion, only to be relaxed once
the penis is returned to the pants and underwear.

As you can read, there is no magic pill or operation to solve this common
and annoying problem of post-voiding dribbling.  It will take a re-education
on you part to become mindful of breaking end-of-voiding habits.

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